Blush Square Knot Macrame Dog Seat Belt
Blush Square Knot Macrame Dog Seat Belt

Ember & Ivory

Blush Square Knot Macrame Dog Seat Belt

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Add a little luxury to your pup’s daily car rides! Our dog seat belt keeps your pup in the car when the door is open and on the seat when you need to stop quickly. 


  • 100% cotton rope and natural dye
  • Solid brass 360-degree swivel snap
  • Universal seat belt buckle
  • Square knot 


  • Machine wash cold in garment bag, tumble dry on low heat
  • Please use only with a soft harness to avoid pulling on your pup’s neck


  • SMALL (18”): Most suitable for small dogs
  • MEDIUM (24”): Most suitable for medium dogs
  • LARGE (30”): Most suitable for large dogs

Please use your best judgement in selecting the right size seat belt for your dog. If you have a larger pup you’d like to keep sitting while riding, going down a size may be more suitable. If they are a small/medium dog allowed to roam more freely, consider going up a size.

Safety information

Use this product at your own risk. This is not a safety restraint; it is designed to keep your dog in a contained area within your vehicle and not to protect them in any type of motor vehicle accident. Ember & Ivory, LLC is not responsible for what occurs once this product reaches the customer. Please use your best judgement when using this item. Metal seatbelt hardware is designed to fit most car seatbelt receivers.

Due to the nature of macrame, small variations in size/design may occur.