What's your dog trying to say?

Most of our Google searches these days start with, 'Why's my dog...' or 'What does it mean when my dog...'. So, we thought we'd pull all of our favourites into one blog for you so you can start to understand your dog's behaviour a little bit more.

Warning: Some of these are so cute, they may make you fall further in love with your pup! 

Why does my dog stand on me?

When your dog stands on you with their front paws, they could be trying to say a couple of things. Believe it or not, cuddling isn't in your dog's instincts and standing on you could be your dog's way of getting close to you and showing you that you have their full attention. It's believed that standing on you is often a sign of love and companionship. Alternatively, your dog could be trying to show dominance over you and marking you as their own. Either way, they want you to know that you're theirs and only theirs.

Why does my dog keep winking at me?

Dogs can use staring as an intimidation technique with other dogs and therefore it's thought that when a dog winks at you, they're breaking the stare and trying to show you they are at peace, relaxed and that they are submissive to you. It can show happiness and affection and can be a sign of love. I don't know if I'm crazy but I always wink back at Willow to show her I'm at peace with her too and so she knows I'm at her beck and call! 

Why does my dog lick me?

Licking is a natural, instinctive behaviour for dogs. They lick themselves and others to groom, bond and express themselves. Dogs often lick humans to show them that they love them but it can become a soothing habit if they're feeling stressed, so it's recommended that it's not a behaviour to encourage. Of course, another reason could be that they like the taste of your hand cream or what you've just been cooking! If your dog is licking excessively, it could be a sign of stress, pain or anxiety so it might be worth going to get them checked over at the vets. 

Why does my dog keep chasing its tail?

If your dog is continuously chasing his/her tail, I'm afraid they might be a little bit bored! It might be quite amusing to watch but it's most likely a sign that they've got extra energy that needs burning off. If you notice your dog doing this, it's best to get them out to run some of that energy off as soon as possible, as it can end in them hurting themselves or can turn into a bad habit. If you're stuck at the computer working or can't leave the house straight away, try having a quick game of tug of war, play hide and seek with some treats around the house or hide some treats in one of our NOU toys to keep them busy for a while!

Why does my dog get the Zoomies?

Do you ever feel such a burst of excitement or happiness that you could scream or jump up and down? Just me...? Zoomies are a dog's way of expressing how happy they are. It's a burst of excitement and a joy to be alive so if your dog has regular zoomies then you're doing a great job. Maybe just move anything fragile out of the way! 

Why does my dog roll on their back?

Is it just Willow, or do all dogs roll around aggressively on the floor making the strangest noises? It's difficult not to give her attention when she starts this behaviour which is apparently exactly what she's wanting. Dogs rolling around on their backs are showing you they are content and feel safe and confident. If they're rolling around on a toy or bed they may be claiming it as their own or simply might just be really happy and grateful to have such lovely toys and treats to play with. Take it as a little thank you! 

Just a disclaimer to say, I'm in no way an expert - these are our experiences with Willow and what we've gathered after doing our own online research. Always get worrying or changing behaviours checked by a vet. 

But for now, I'll continue winking at my dog and encouraging lots of Zoomies!


L x