Which lead length is best for your dog?

Owning a dog can be a bit of a minefield. Finding the best pet insurance, making sure your dog has the healthiest and yummiest food and finding the perfect balance between training and allowing some cheeky behaviour!

One of the questions we receive regularly is about lead length and what we'd recommend for our customer's dogs. We've condensed all we know into an easy to read blog to help guide your decision when choosing a lead.

Let's talk lead length

The length of your lead depends on two main factors - your dog's behaviour and their environment. Getting the correct lead can ensure your dog is easier to control and train and that your walks are calmer and ultimately safer. 

A traffic lead is for you, if...

as the name suggests, you're walking in busy city areas with a lot of traffic. They're also great for reactive dogs or larger dogs who need some closer training.

A 4 ft lead is for you, if...

your puppy or dog pulls on the lead or struggles to walk well on a lead.

A shorter lead enables your dog to walk closer by your side and reduces the distance they can pull. It's perfect when teaching your new puppy (or dog) to stay by your side during initial training. A shorter lead is also useful to keep more reactive dogs under closer control.

A 5 or 6 ft lead is for you, if...

your dog is well trained on the lead. The standard five or six-foot dog lead is the go-to walking lead for most dog owners. It offers plenty of control, whilst also giving your dog some room to roam.

A well trained dog will be able to use a 5ft or 6ft lead safely without pulling too much. The longer lead gives your trained dog more freedom to explore and sniff on leisurely walks.

A longer lead is for you, if...

your dog is not yet trained to be off the lead but you'd like your dog to have the freedom of a longer lead to sniff and explore. Long leads are also a safe way to test your dog's recall before being confident enough to let them run free! 

Shop our collection of luxury leads here, and if you have any questions - we're always more than happy to discuss options and requirements with you!