Tips for working from home with your pooch

Working from home with a dog definitely has it's benefits. Daily cuddles, unrivalled company and making sure you get out for some fresh air and exercise on your lunch break. But we've got to ask ourselves, are our dogs happy whilst we're glued to our screens for those 8 hours a day? Here are some tips to help make sure your pup's staying active and healthy during your 9 - 5. 

Start your day the right way

Your dogs morning routine is just as important as yours. Make sure you get out for a nice early morning walk if you can. Not only does it burn some of your pups energy early doors but it also helps you feel calmer and more awake before a busy day at work.  

Try to keep to a routine

A routine is really important for all dogs, especially during the week when they do a lot of lying around waiting for us. You'll know that once you get into a routine each day, your dog will quickly start to remind you when it's time for a walk, for their dinner or for their daily chew or dental stick. They love to fixate on these little moments of happiness throughout the day!

Keeping their minds active

Walks are an important part of keeping your dog healthy and happy, but they also need mental stimulation throughout the day. Enrichment toys and games are a great way to get your pup working for their treats. If you find the right toy, it can help keep them busy throughout those long conference calls. You can also try hiding their breakfast around the house or garden to tire their little nose out even more. 

Make time for play breaks 

Breaks during your 9 - 5 are so important for your mental and physical wellbeing and they're also great for your dog. Make time to get yourself a cup of tea like you would if you were in the office and have a little snuggle or a quick game of tug of war with your bestie. It'll keep you happy during the day and ensure your dog gets a bit of activity before their next snooze. 

Create the right environment

On calls all day? Make sure your dog is comfortable and has access to their favourite bed, toys and some fresh water. Set their bed up near a window if they like to people watch, or if this distresses them make sure they're in a quiet room ideally with access to you. Long lasting chews, enrichment toys and lick mats can also be great to keep your pup busy and entertained whilst you're busy elsewhere. 

Prevent separation anxiety 

When you're at home all day with your dog, they can start to overly depend on you and expect you to be there all of the time. Make sure you get out the house daily without your pup whether it's to nip to the shops, see a friend for a quick coffee or even to put the bins out. Make sure they continue to understand that they're ok when you're not there and that you'll be back soon. 

Every dog is different, so all of these ideas should be adapted to suit your dog and their behaviour. But it's important to remember that looking after your dog whilst you're working from home often means looking after yourself and ensuring you have plenty of breaks and rest during the day which is equally as important. 

On that note, I'm off for a little afternoon walk with Willow before I start packing some of your orders. L x