Our top 5 picks for stylish poop bag holders

Poop bag holders are the new must-have for any dog owner. Not only are they practical and ensure you never forget those all important poop bags - if you choose the right one, they can really complete your walking look!

We've scoured the market for some of the best poop bag holders around, so you can choose the perfect fit for you and your dog. 

1. Emerald Vegan Leather Poop Bag Holder

Handmade with love in Italy from non-toxic, cruelty-free and eco-friendly vegan leather. This poop bag holder features a playful shape and a pop of colour you’re sure to love.

The poop bag holder comes with a roll of 100% compostable poop bags and is also available in coral and grey. 

Emerald Vegan Leather Poop Bag Holder - £32.50.

2. Lilac Wild One Poop Bag Carrier 

A very stylish, sleek looking home for your poop bags. This poop bag holder attaches to any lead, tote bag or keyring using the elastic attachment. The easy-twist top makes it quick to re-load and it even includes a roll of 10 eco-friendly bags to help get you started. 

Lilac Wild One Poop Bag Carrier - £15.

3. Boho Mud Cloth Waste Bag Dispenser

Unleash your pup's inner bohemian with this cute boho mud cloth poop bag holder, inspired by a centuries-old African tradition of dying fabric with fermented mud. Lightweight and compact to minimise 'dangle' and it holds one standard roll of waste bags with a little room left for a key and some treats. This bag also includes one roll of earth rated eco-friendly poop bags.

Boho Mud Cloth Waste Bag Dispenser - £17.50.

4. Clementine Waste Bag Dispenser

Featuring an orange, peach, yellow and periwinkle floral print designed by artist Margaret Jeane, this beautiful poop bag holder clips on to the O ring on your lead. The bags dispense from the brass grommet on the bottom of the bag and it also includes one roll of earth rated eco-friendly poop bags.

Clementine Waste Bag Dispenser - £17.50

5. Dolce Rose Treat Pouch

Want a larger bag to fit more of your doggie must-haves? Check out this super cute dog treat pouch. This pouch will keep your pups happy and your hands free with pockets for treats, waste bags, keys, phones, and more! You can easily dispense the poop bags through the tiny hole in the front of the pouch keeping the rest of the contents secure inside. 

Dolce Rose Dog Treat Pouch

Dolce Rose Treat Pouch - £30 (currently on sale for £22)

We'd love to hear which is your favourite! Check out our entire poop bag holder collection here and let us know which one you'd choose below! 

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