Orange LED Dog Necklace
Orange LED Dog Necklace
Orange LED Dog Necklace

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Orange LED Dog Necklace

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Our safety LED dog necklace keeps you and your pup safe and visible in the dark. It’s available in orange and green and keeps you visible up to half a mile away at night.

You can choose between 3 highly visible light modes - simply press the soft touch button to alternate between the quick flash, slow flash and continuous light mode. Our LED necklace has a maximum length of 27" and can easily be cut to any size between 12-27”.


Please note that this necklace is not a substitute for a dog collar, which is why we suggest to use it in addition to your dog's favourite Swoof collar!

The LED pet necklace is designed to be water resistant and weatherproof. That means you can use it for walks and playtime in all weather conditions and climates.

You can easily charge our LED necklace using the mini USB cable, which is included. The battery lasts 8 hours on a full charge and takes about 2 hours to charge.